A Guide to Visiting Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace is extraordinary compared to other day trips from Stockholm you can do. The castle is an UNESCO World Heritage site. It is one of Stockholm’s top attractions and a delightful spot to put in a couple of hours!

It’s likewise one of the simplest day trips you can do from Stockholm, since it’s found only a couple of miles from the downtown area and advantageously got to by open vehicle.

The historical backdrop of Drottningholm Palace

Planned by Nicodemus Tessin the Elder, and finished after his demise by his child Nicodemus Tessin the Younger, Drottningholm Palace has a rich history.

After work on the castle was finished in the late 1600s, Drottningholm was utilized as a late spring living arrangement by the Regent Queen Hedwig Eleonora. You can see her fantastically enriched room when you visit!

In the eighteenth century, Drottningholm Palace was talented to Louisa Ulrika, at that point the Swedish Crown Princess. She updated the castle inside in the in vogue French Rococo style.

In the mid nineteenth century, Drottningholm was relinquished for some time by the Swedish royals. Afterward, it was altered to suit increasingly contemporary tastes, making some discussion.

In the long run, King Gustav V requested the royal residence and the grounds reestablished to their unique magnificence, a venture that was begun in 1907 and took four years.

What to see and do at Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace is a huge complex, and all aspects of it is perfect. Aside from the fundamental royal residence constructing, the complex incorporates the excellent Court Theater, the Chinese Pavilion, the Baroque Garden, and the broad grounds.

The performance center was worked by the order of Queen Louisa Ulrika and first opened in 1754. Be that as it may, it torched only a couple of years after the fact, and a substitution theater was fabricated. Two positions of authority for the rulers are put up front.

Before the finish of the eighteenth century, the auditorium was never again being used and the space was simply utilized as a capacity territory. Be that as it may, in 1921, it was rediscovered and exhibitions continued in 1922. Today, dramas are acted in the auditorium in the late spring months.


The Baroque Garden lies simply behind the royal residence. Made in the seventeenth century by the Tessin father and child pair, the nursery highlights formal supports and beds. You get an extraordinary aeronautical perspective on the whole nursery from the inside of the royal residence.

Overlaid entryways lead into the nursery, and roads of lime trees line it on the two sides. The originators attracted motivation from acclaimed gardens France, where formal structure and even game plans were the standard.


One of the best time activities at Drottningholm Palace is to walk the grounds past the Baroque nursery. Spread out after the style of an English park under King Gustav III of Sweden, the broad grounds set aside some effort to investigate.


Lord Adolf Frederick had the Chinese Pavilion worked in the mid 1750s, as an unexpected birthday present for his better half, Queen Louisa Ulrika. Be that as it may, the wooden structure was assembled in a rush, and began decaying rapidly.

After ten years, the imperial couple started the structure of a progressively tough variant, which was done in 1769. It has been revamped a few times from that point forward.

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