DIY Paper Gift Bows

IIt’s anything but difficult to make a DIY blessing bow out of magazine paper. They look simply like the bows you find in stores. Upcycle a few magazines or paper to make your own. You’ll never need to purchase another blessing bow!

You can utilize any paper to make a DIY blessing bow. This would be an incredible upcycle for reusing blessing wrap or old maps! We made these blessing bows from upcycled magazine paper.

Bows can add that last touch to a wrapped present. In the event that you are out of pre-made withdraws from, locate the correct one, making your own is an extraordinary arrangement. Paper bows are shockingly simple to make, and they can spare you a very late excursion to the store. You can likewise utilize paper bows to design different things as well, for example, festoons, cards, or scrapbook pages.

just to perceive how things worked out, I took a stab at making a bow with a bit of scrapbookng paper. At last the bow is substantially more firm and set up but on the other hand it’s more hard to work with than the more slender paper. In addition the holes in the bow are substantially more observable. At last, I adored this example yet favored my blessing wrap retires from.

Materials to Make a DIY Gift Bow

Upcycled paper (attempt magazine pages, wrapping paper and so on.)




Tape and additionally a stapler

The most effective method to Make a DIY Gift Bow

Cut upcycled paper in 3/4 inch strips. You’ll require 10 strips to make your blessing bow. A standard magazine page is the perfect size.

From your 10 strips you’ll have 4 gatherings: 3 that are full length, 3 that are an inch shorter, 3 that are 2 inches shorter and 1 strip that is 3 inches in length.

Overlay the strips into half. This will fill in as a marker for the center of the strips and will be useful for the following stages.

Take a strip and turn it over. Crease a circle and expedite the finish of your strip top of the collapsed center marker. Tape or staple it down. The great side of your paper will currently be on the top/outside of the circle.

Rehash this for the opposite side of the paper strip. You’ll wind up with a figure eight.

Rehash the procedure for the other 8 long strips. Take your short strip and circle it.

You’ll presently have 3 gatherings of the equivalent estimated figure 8s. Take every one of these gatherings and orchestrate them into a star. Tape or staple the star bunches together. Fit the hover circle within the littlest star gathering.

Supplement the star bunches into each other. The littlest goes on top, trailed by the fair estimated and afterward the biggest one is on the base. Tape circles work truly well for appending the star bunches together.

That is it! It’s actually that simple to make a DIY blessing bow. To finish our upcycled blessing wrap, we reused dark colored art paper and included a spring of evergreen.

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