Homemade Nature Suncatcher Wind Chimes for Kids to Make

These are shocking suncatcher wind rings the children made that was roused by our enjoyment tin can wind tolls, blended in with our temperament suncatchers.

I love a specialty that is simple for the children to do and had a pretty final product! Normal suncatcher wind rings are both of those things.

Begin by getting the children in question and dynamic. Send them into the terrace or go for a stroll to gather discover blossoms and leaves!

We just circumvented the yard finding lovely shades of blossoms and intriguing leaves. We attempted to keep everything little in size yet didn’t restrict to simply that.

You could make this section a whole action in itself and do a forager chase for specific hues, surfaces, or shapes. We generally love a decent scrounger chase, and nature ones are exemplary!

Discovering unique things in nature is fun, however recall that a smidgen will go far for this movement.

Natively constructed Nature Suncatcher Wind Chimes for Kids to Make


To make your discovered nature into wind ring suncatchers, you’ll additionally require:

Contact paper


Marker or pen

Rings from Mason container covers

String (we utilized hemp line – associate connection – yet yarn works as well)

A durable stick

How to make?

Cut a little bit of contact paper and follow the bricklayer container rings onto the contact paper side (not the part you strip off). Follow the same number of as you have rings for.

This is the place the children find a good pace inventive as they’d like!

Hand over the reserve of nature things they found and let them fill in those circles.

We thought that it was extremely cool to strip separated the blossoms on the off chance that they were huge. To have a petal rather than an entire blossom.

Or on the other hand if the blossom was shut everything down chime formed, we stripped it open to fan it out.

They made for some perfect suncatchers!

At that point we cut them out. Along the circles we followed.

Henry, my most established who is 6, cut his himself. I returned over them to cut them a tiny bit littler however.

We followed the outside of the bricklayer container ring. So to fit in the ring, they must be somewhat littler.

At that point I tied a bunch around the rings utilizing the string we had close by.

I essentially pushed the suncatcher hovers into the ring. We didn’t have to tape them, they stayed safely set up.

Be that as it may, I can see that you may need to.

I additionally tied the strings onto a stick to make them into a breeze ring that we held tight our patio. Two really, and I love taking a gander at them

I love the straightforwardness of the crude bricklayer container rings. Be that as it may, I likewise figure it is enjoyable to shower paint them to give them shading, as well.

In any case, I intend to utilize the covers again sooner or later for my containers, so I would not like to “ruin” them as of now.

What’s more, the sound they make is very lovely tranquil. I was anxious it would be clanky, yet it’s entirely decent.

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