How to make Paper Flower Wreath

This article is anbout how to make a paper bloom wreath. This wreath is quite enough for fall and will convey you over to the winter months as well. Simply include a couple of pixie lights around the special seasons to truly make it sparkle!

While paper blossoms might be overwhelming, they truly aren’t that troublesome once you get into it. And keeping in mind that it might take a couple of days to make enough blossoms for a wreath, the way that you can put it up a seemingly endless amount of time after year, makes the time speculation absolutely justified, despite all the trouble.


– crepe paper in an arrangement of your preferred blossom hues, in addition to dim green for the leaves

– long flower wire

  • craft glue
  • scissors
  • wire cutters

Stage 1: Begin by making your wreath base. For this wreath, I wound and bowed together 3-4 flower wire stems to make an enormous circle. You can likewise simply buy a pre-made wire wreath structure on the off chance that you need to avoid this progression. To make your own, just make a long piece of flower wire interfacing the wires together as you pass by winding the closures. At that point twist the long strip into a circle and curve the closures together. Include additional wire varying by wrapping the hover structure with progressively flower wire until your wreath structure is steady.

Stage 2: Next, cut out your leaf shapes with the goal that the crepe paper grain is vertical through your leaves. You will need to overlap over the crepe paper and cut the leaf on the crease with the goal that the base part of the leaf is on the overlay. This makes two leaves associated at the base. Pull the leaf sides separated to “lighten” the leaf. At that point stick the focal point of the two leaves (where they interface) onto the wreath. Next, curve the leaves over the wreath structure to make your first arrangement of leaves.

Stage 3: Repeat until you have the whole wreath structure secured with leaves collapsed both inside the wreath and some staying outside the wreath.

Stage 4: Now it is the ideal opportunity for the blossoms. You can check the other two instructional exercises I recorded above for a portion of the other paper blossom guidelines. In any case, for now I will concentrate on the magnolia blossoms that I included into the wreath. For the magnolia blossoms, cut 6-8 huge (about 3″-4″ over) collapsed swell shapes from white crepe paper and one 12″ long wedge formed piece from yellow crepe paper. Next, periphery cut the top parts of the bargains formed piece.

Stage 5: Begin by hot sticking a bit of botanical wire to the huge finish of the wedge formed bit of crepe paper and afterward roll the crepe paper around the wire until you have the blossom stamen cone.

Stage 6: Begin to pull the bloom petals from each side to extend the crepe paper and make the unsettled petal look. At that point stick the base tab part of every petal to the stamen, covering the petals as you work your way around the blossom. When every one of your petals are stuck on, add a touch of paste to join any petals to one another that might be expanding or tumbling down.

Stage 7: Repeat with all your different blossoms. The procedure is the equivalent for each blossom. Simply change the state of the petals and the sorts of bloom focuses to get a wide range of looks. When every one of your blossoms are made, bend the wire from the blossoms onto the wreath outline and verify with heated glue. Utilize the wire cutters to remove any overabundance flower wire.

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