What is there to see and do in Barbados

There are some words that send you on a dreamy fantasy of sunsets and sand. Barbados is one of them. And with 70 miles of stunning shoreline, the promise of subterranean adventure, and an all-year-round surf, it deserves to be seen that way. However, beyond fantasy, there is so much to see and do.


This pretty town in the parish of St James is the site where John Powell landed to claim Barbados for England’s. The town bustles with fine eateries, shops, and trends especially in First and Second street and these are particularly busy on Friday and Saturday nights.

Folkestone Marine Museum and Visitor’s Centre

Located just north of Holetown, this underwater park and sanctuary have a substantial reef that is teeming with marine life. Activities include snorkeling at the Marine Reserve and equipment is available for hire. is a great place to take the kids.


This town started life as a fort then became a thriving port and today it is a thriving fishing port. Most of its 19th century still exists but to find out more about the town the Arlington House Museum gives an interesting glimpse and life of the town. Art lovers can pop into the Gallery of Caribbean Art located in the Northern Business Centre.

The Animal Flower Cave

This large sea cave and several hundred chambers is located in the parish of St Lucy on the rugged clifftops at the northernmost point of the island. The chambers are home to large pools, unusual rock formations, and some sea anemones which gave the cave its name. Steps lead into the caves through an opening in the cliff and the views from the naturally formed ‘windows’ out to the sea and pounding surf are breathtaking. You can go alone or hire a guide.

The Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Grenade Hall Forest & Farley Hill National Park

This trio of attractions is next to each other so plan enough time to visit them all. You can mingle with monkeys, deers, otters, agouti, and mongoose at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve . There’s also an exceptional orchid collection, a walk-in bird aviary, and an iguana sanctuary. Next door is the Grenade Hall Forest and Signal Station which offers a display of preColombian tolls unearthed during its restoration. The forest has over 2km of trails winding through many species of trees and plant life.

Over the road is Farley Hill National Park which houses the ruins of a palatial mansion and features groves of mahogany trees and awesome views of the east coast. This spot is ideal for picnics.

St Nicholas Abbey

This is just one of only three Jacobean houses in the western hemisphere and likely to be the oldest original building on the island.

Flower Forest

Located in St Joseph is a tropical haven of beautiful gardens whose views sweep onto the Atlantic coastline. Meandering pathways lead the way through lush vegetation where plants are identified with English and Latin names.

Harrisons Cave

A wonder of nature, this is a breathtaking crystallized limestone cavern with stupendously gorgeous underground lakes and waterfalls.

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